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Erica and Tina  started  this week’s episode in the rush from one event to the other. They were  able to make their panel, but unfortunately had to leave one engagement without singing.  Later on, the  ladies were honored  by Essence with lifetime achievement awards. During the performances Tina gets a call from home. Her son is completely melting down. The nanny can’t handle it and calls in a panic. Tina gets up and goes off to sing to him. The business dynamics are very clear. It’s a whole lot of living in a short span.

The end result is that during sound check they get into a heated exchange of words. Meanwhile, Mitch and Warynn are left debating what  happens to repair the event they left. Mitch says, “Keeping writing hits and I will show you the money.” The whole team is nervous. Finally game day appears and the ladies deliver 100%. Erica is inspecting clothes and Tina is going through moves. Mitch is worried, again.  The episode ended with the inevitable.

Finally it is answered. Erica is going off to a solo record!

This week’s lesson is “know and trust your gift and stay in your lane”. Watching Erica, Tina, Mitch and Warynn exchanging words is a reminder that each of us is called into a role. Do you know what your role is? Have you expressed it out loud?  When you know what your gift is and what our game plan is you do well. You must know time management as well. Get yourself organized. Understand what you have to do in the allotted time. Always keep a good sense of humor.

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