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OK single guys. Drag yourself off that couch, splash on some cologne and get out there. The odds of you becoming unsingle are in your favor.

Indianapolis was just named the 10th best city in the nation for single men.


Seriously. Here’s why.

Indianapolis has more single women roaming about than it does single men. The city’s cost of living makes the cost of a date pretty darn reasonable, which means you can go on more of them. And the number of gyms and bars, where lots of people meet, are aplenty.

The No. 10 ranking, by, puts Indianapolis in good company. The only cities that ranked higher than us (starting with No. 1) were Boston, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Denver, Fort Worth, Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco.

“Indianapolis stood out as an affordable city with plenty of bars and other places to meet people,” said Divya Raghavan, who led the study for, a website that helps consumers make decisions about personal finances, travel plans and higher education. “It also had a balanced mix of unmarried men and unmarried women.”

Not so in San Jose, which ranked as the worst city for single men, “with a whopping five unmarried men for every four unmarried women” and a high cost of living, said Raghavan.

Here’s how Indy finished in the five categories that determined the best cities.

• Number of single men per 100 single women (ages 15 to 44) from the U.S. Census: 98.7.

• Number of bars and gyms per 1,000 residents: 0.8. The highest was 1.3 bars and gyms per 1,000 residents.

• Walk score: 37. We didn’t do great here and are still considered a “car-dependent” city, according to the study.

• Cost of a date (including a 12-inch Pizza Hut pizza, movie tickets and 6-pack of Heineken) from the ACCRA cost of living index: $25.76.

Hang on. That sounds like a guys night out date, but we digress.

• Unemployment rate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 9.4 percent at the time of the survey.

Of course, other factors were taken into consideration, including the number of places to take a date.

“Indianapolis is known for its sports … and museums, so there are a variety of date options,” said

Source: Indianapolis Star