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Taking the time to study a man’s body language can do wonders for you and your dating success. If you learn how to read certain signals that guys send out, you will be at a level most women will never experience. Imagine understanding a language that passes right under the awareness of all women. Let me explain to you 3 body language signals you can trust when it comes to men…

The Way He Looks at You in the Eyes, and For How Long

You need to be careful about this signal because men who are just checking you out – either stare at you naturally or on purpose to get you because they know that amongst other techniques, it’s one of those things that women just fall for. Still, there are guys who really do look at you directly in the eyes and simply do so for a bit too long because they feel so attracted to you. Watch out for that signal, it means a lot. Also, you need to differentiate the intentions of different men, and that’s an entire other science that we won’t get into for you, but definitely keep an eye on that signal.  Once you get more comfortable around him, you will be able to play a little more with him to know what that long stare was really about.

In Which Direction Does His Upper Body Point Toward?

Looking away from you is a strategy guys will often use when it comes to showing interest.  He might use the people around you to do so, so watch out and don’t misinterpret this. However, there’s a signal you can definitely rely on: the direction of his upper body. If he points it towards you, it is a reliable sign that he has a crush on you! If that’s the case, give yourself a tap in the back and hope to move forward! There is definitely a possibility that he’s already dreaming about bringing you on a date…

Lastly, the top signal to really know if a man has a crush on you or still loves you…

The Passion in his Eyes

If you are looking for passion in his eyes for hours and can’t find it, this is probably because there isn’t any. The more regularly you see and feel passion in his eyes, the more he’s interested in you. If in the course of a 2 or 3 hours date, which is supposed to be intense, you can’t see any fire in there, chances are you two won’t see each other again. If his eyes are glowing, it is a true sign. This is the magic of body language: you can know what a man is feeling for you on the inside, by what is being reflected on the outside…

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