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Carmel Man Who Tried to Hire Someone to Kill His Wife Wanted a Black Assasin

A Carmel man who tried to hire someone to kill his wife was looking for a black person to do the job.  Steven Perry asked black co-worker Adrian Howard to help him find someone to knock off his wife and told Howard, ”You’re black …..I know y’all know people”.  Howard recorded the conversation and told Perry’s wife, who called police.

 A Kid with Crack in School Gets Locked-Up

Where did he get the crack cocaine from?  A 16-year-old student from JulianColemanAcademy facing charges for trying to sell drugs at school.  IPS says,the boy had 15-small baggies of crack cocaine on him Tuesday.

 New Mass Transit System Closer to Reality

 Indianapolis is one step closer to getting a new mass transit system.  On Wednesday, the mass transit bill that calls for a referendum on a point-three-percent income tax hike in Hamilton and Marion counties advanced in the General Assembly.  The measure now goes to the House Ways and Means committee for further consideration.

 Father Admits to Abusing His Kids

 An Indianapolis father accused of beating his nine-month-old son is pleading guilty to battery charges.  Thirty-year-old Johnny Bishop originally told police he took his son and daughter to work with him and didn’t have seatbelts in his van, so his son fell from his car seat twice.  Bishop finally admitted to police, he has anger issues and also confessed to abusing his daughter.

 Dan Marion Confesses He Has a Love Child!

 Legendary NFL quarterback Dan Marino is the father of a love child.  He cheated on his wife of 28-years with a -CBS Sports production assistant ,Donna Savatere.  Their daughter who is now 8 years old.  Marino allegedly paid her millions of dollars to keep quiet about it.