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# 1 is to breathe.

With so much stress and the constant need to “go go go” all the time, most people don’t take the time to breathe any more.

This is especially true in the bedroom if you ever orgasm before you’d like to. Many men tend to hold their breath during sex and this stress in the body causes it to look for a quick release.

Also taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and fully when your outside of the bedroom will cause your entire body and mind to relax because you’ll be giving it what the body needs, and your mind won’t be filled with clutter while it’s only focus is on your breathing.

When you learn to relax your mind and body using this simple trick, you’re relaxed state will be much easier to attain while in having sex.

# 2 is to feel your entire body, not just your little head.

A lot of men (especially the guy who ejaculate prematurely) tend to focus simply on the feeling during sex. This is a sure fire way to go from an aroused state, to climax.

Instead, feel your entire body.

Try it right now. As you’re sitting there with both feet on the ground, simply notice what your legs and feet feel like.

Practice feeling a small portion of your body in this way daily. The more you do this, the more you’ll be able to feel your entire body all at the same time and the easier it will be for you to relax during sex.

# 3 is to not use positions that don’t put stress on your muscles.

Again, stress on the body makes it have to look for a way to release it. Notice what positions cause you to put the most stress on your body and avoid using them. REMEMBER IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT US – WE HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF OUR LADY.  SO RELAX AND WATCH HER SMILE.

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