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Ok it happened – you’ve let go and you had sex with him to early.  What now? Most women would regret this decision the very moment the deed is through.  That was, after all, just a compulsive moment and the moment after would be the most regretful. So how would you get past this and keep him into you?


There’s no turning back now and, yes, you do know that it’s impossible to turn back the hands of the clock. So you’ve got to go forward no matter how embarrassed or regretful you are. If you even want him to look at you differently, at least begin with the thought that what’s done is done and what you can do now is to let him see how wonderful you really are. This does not mean you’re a terrible person (Hey it happens)

Make your feelings known.

Be vocal about how wonderful last night felt and that you know that it’s something special. Let him feel that you would love to see him again. You can casually ask him to go out with you after your night together. If he says yes, then that would be great – if he declines, then it’s one lesson learned.

Keep your conversations light.

What would turn out to be your greatest mistake is when you’d start treating him like your boyfriend. When you catch yourself doing that – stop. Although you’ve had sex, this is no guarantee that he’d want to be intimate with you.

Don’t ever lose the confidence.

Having sex with him might make it appear that you’re easy to get but prove to him after that that it’s just a one time thing for you. Establish the fact that this is not your regular pattern of behavior. Always be confident in who you are and he’ll love you for your self-assuredness.

No follow-up sex, please.

It was a mistake enough to sleep with him right away. It would be much worse if you’d keep having sex with him even before you really get to know each other.  Let him feel that he needs to woo you first before he’ll get another one of your sizzling encounters. And if it’s you who’s itching to get to bed with him, then stop yourself! It pays to wait.

Show him how respectable you are.

Being respectable is a state that has to be earned. Having sex with him doesn’t mean you’ve already lost that. If you know that you deserve to be respected, then other people would follow suit. It’s very basic – just know your self-worth and everyone else around you will feel that way, too.

Be the strong woman that you are.

Kiss him and thank him for an enjoyable evening.

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