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When he is courteous and patient 

A man who is always courteous and takes the trouble to see that you have a good time, proves that he is not being selfish. This is a good sign. This type of man will always follow up with you after taking you out, by sending you messages and calling you. This shows that he is interested in getting serious.

When he is not pushy 

When it comes to sex – this is probably the best sign that proves that he is not interested in just jumping into the sack with you. This guy will be happy just to be in your company and have as good a time eating a burger with you as when he is dancing close with you!

When he does not shy away from the topic of marriage 

There can be no doubt in your mind if your man is keen to talk of marriage and commitment. Men who are around just for the sex will hate to talk about commitment and kids! You can put your man to the test by asking him openly what he thinks of getting hitched! He’ll prove his intentions either way, soon enough!

When he is not only obsessed with your body! 

One way to know if he really cares for you and wants to get into a more serious relationship with you is to notice and see if he is just obsessed with your body and does not care about your feelings, emotions and anything else that concerns you. If this is the case, he wants only sex from you and nothing more.

When he does not flirt with other women 

A guy with a roving eye is not really faithful and loyal. Beware of the man who constantly checks out other women, even when you are around! This shows that he is interested in playing the field and is with you just because of the sex!

If he does not leave soon after 

If the guy is loving and romantic just so that he can sleep with you and then leaves you immediately after he has succeeded in getting you to bed, without wanting to talk or get to know you better, then it is obvious that all he cares about is the sex and nothing else. It would do you good to get rid of him immediately.

Put him to the test 

One of the best ways to test his intentions is to let him know that you are not the type to sleep around and that you are not going to have sex with him till you know him better. If he begins to lose interest in you and pays attention to another female it shows that all he wanted was to have sex and nothing more!