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Women get itches too and at times do not want a man around for anything else but a booty call. If he is a friend that can provide sexual benefits, that is even better for her. Although women and men have the same sexual needs some act on it differently. There are in fact many women who are quite capable of engaging in a “friends with benefits” situation and who actually prefers it depending on where they are in their lives.  when the shoes are on the other foot and it’s the women who want a sex only relationship, then a lot of men are unable to handle it.

When those types of men approach a woman for these benefits, they are counting on the woman to be desperately seeking a relationship, that way they can count on the woman always being available for them and their needs. What is interesting, however, is if the woman were to agree to the situation, but after some considerable time has past, she found someone with whom she would like to pursue a more serious relationship, the man then behaves as if she just struck a knife through his heart. Since he was the one who had initiated the casual relationship he knew the nature of the friends with benefits situation, so why would he get upset when the woman moved on? However, if he had met someone else first, he would not have expected the woman to get upset since she knew what the deal was from the get-go. His response indicates that he is unable handle this type of relationship.

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