1. Remember when you were dating? Some how you managed to take the time then… Well, do the same now! What a novel idea! No, you don’t have to go out. You can create passion and connection right in your own home. First think about what it is you and your spouse used to do, Then imagine doing that again, this will get you in the mood to be romantic yourself. Then plan the most romantic evening you can think of, something that will allow you and your spouse to have time to talk and reconnect emotionally.

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Don’t bring up any issues you might have at the moment, let them go for the night. If you have kids, have a friend or relative take them for the night or a few hours. Also don’t get your expectations up, just plan on a quiet night to just be together, if the passion starts to fly, well Great!

2. Remember – anything ignored will disappear (except bills!), this includes your passion and connection to each other.

So try to make it a daily habit to say something positive to your spouse…. with sincerity. Tell them how great they look, or how much you love them, or how grateful you are for them, you get the idea. Sometimes just a small note can say a lot. And we all love those occasionally unexpected cards. The point is, just verbalizing our appreciation can make a big change.

3. Do you give your spouse a peck on the check when they leave for the day? Try this. When they lean in for that little peck, grab them and lay a real kiss on them, and make sure to put a little passion in it. That will give them something to think about all day long.

4. Create a few games to spice up your love life, this will put a little fun along with passion back into your relationship.

5. Play Truth or Dare. Remember how much fun that used to be? Well it still can be fun and can also open up a positive dialogue with your mate. Just make sure to keep all negativity out of it. Now is not the time to say things that might need a counselor present.

6. Take a bubble bath! By candlelight! Another great idea and so relaxing and romantic.

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