1. He hardly ever calls you.

If a man is not calling you just to find out how you are, to hear your voice, to ask you out, to find any excuse to talk to you, he is not ready to commit to you. It doesn’t matter if you have been going out and having sex with him either. If he is not putting forth any effort to call you just to say hi and find out how you are, he is not interested in taking anything to the next level.

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2. He never asks you out or takes you out

What is he doing exactly? You may go out or agree to meet up but does he actually initiate it or do you? Are you the one asking him out? If so, then do you see how he is still NOT putting forth any effort?

He may go out with you if you asked but he’s not that interested really.  He’s not dying to see you so he doesn’t ask you out. And if he doesn’t ask you out, you can be sure that he won’t want to take you out.

So how have your dates been and how has been treating you on them? Think about that critically and see what you come up with.

3. He says that he is too busy to see you

How often are you seeing each other? If you are seeing each other two or three times a week, that’s fine.

If he says that he’s busy and he uses that as an excuse not to see you but then doesn’t suggest another time when you two can see each other or when he’ll make it up to you, then no he is not interested in taking anything to the next level. He is not interested in a committed relationship with you.

4. He doesn’t plan or talk about what you two can do together in the future.

A man who is interested in committing to you will talk as though he expects to be doing something with you in the future because he plans to be around. It will just come out. It’s nothing that he’ll plan to say but these things will come out in the course of conversations.

He may say something like ” so when are we going on vacation, next year June?”, or “we can go to that restaurant near the end of the month”. It’s just the little things that he says that will clue you in to his intentions.

5. He doesn’t refer to you or introduce you.

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