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“Thank you.”

Those two little words (or “thanks” if you want to be quick about it) can mean a lot. Or, depending on how you wield them, they can mean almost nothing. Just like “How are you?” or “I love you,” “Thank you” is a phrase that can hold great weight or have all the heft and permanence of a morning fog.

With every single one of these ideas, there are two important things to always keep in mind: Be sincere and show that you care, just as someone recently cared for you.

1. Write a Note

2. Give Food

3. Clean Something

4. Return Items in Better Condition Than When You Borrowed Them

5. Say It as a Surprise

6. Say It in Public

7. Return the Favor

8. Give a Little Gift Card

9. Pick Up the Bill

10. Say It on the Phone

11. Do It Face-to-Face

12. Donate to a Charity

13. Be Happy

14. Organize Others

15. Give an Award

16. Take a Picture

17. Make a Recommendation

18. Teach a Skill

19. Pay It Forward

20. Make Art

21. Give Flowers

22. Ask About Needs

23. Give Something Useful

24. Make Time

25. Just Say It