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1.) Make him feel comfortable

Guys don’t like emotional intensity or hidden tension. If you start bombarding him with questions and complain he never opens up to you, you are ruining your chances of him showing you his emotions. That kind of drama pushes a man away, it turns him off and it makes him want to stay away even further. If you don’t want your partner to withdraw, you have to make him feel comfortable. He needs to feel safe with you and you have to prove to him that you are here to listen and he can trust you. He needs the reassurance that once he starts expressing his feelings, nothing will change and you will love him as much as you did before he let you completely in. Remember, you have to listen and resist the urge to be judgmental and avoid saying stuff like “I can’t believe you are that kind of person”, “Wow I was completely wrong about you” or “You shouldn’t have done that”. It pays to learn when to keep quiet!

Avoid filling him with negative emotions if he’s not ready to open up yet. This will do absolutely nothing but make him feel uneasy and pressured. The more you pressure him the more you push him away.

2.) Share your own feelings

One way on how you can get him to express his feelings to you is by sharing your own feelings with him. Lead by example. You don’t have to pretend to be so emotional about something though. Be sincere and make sure you don’t let him feel that you expect the same thing from him. Don’t talk about your feelings and right after you finish you say “Ok, you go”. If possible, act casual when having an emotional conversation with him. If there’s nothing to cry about, don’t cry just to catch him off guard. Look into his eyes when you’re speaking to him so he’ll feel the connection. If you know how to relax when talking, he is more likely to relax and open up as well.

3.) Be Patient

You can’t expect a guy to let you in completely after just a couple of dates. If you never had a problem expressing how you feel, don’t expect that he is the same way. If you are in a healthy, loving relationship, I’m sure you trust that your partner wants to make you happy. Stop doubting his love for you just because he wouldn’t open up why he is not close to his mother. You have to be patient and give him the freedom to choose when he wants to open up. It will take time for a guy to open up especially if he was raised to conceal his emotions. You can’t just swoop in and change that overnight. Don’t punish him for not having the ability to express his feelings. With a little encouragement and support, he will become more open emotionally.

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