A woman who can think for herself.

While men secretly like for their lady to believe their man can and will take care of them; men also like to think their lady can take care of herself. It is certainly comforting for a man to know his partner believes in him and can put her trust in him completely, but at the same time, men would like to believe their partner can also be independent when they need to be.

A woman who is attractive. While men like a woman who is sexy, there is more than just surface beauty to consider. Men also love a woman who is beautiful on the inside as well. Her personality, her passion, her compassion, her interests, her sense of humor and sense of fun, are only a few of the aspects of a woman men use to gauge how beautiful a woman really is.

A woman who is fun. Even couch potatoes like to break loose at times and have fun. But in order for them to have a truly fun time, the woman has to have fun as well. Having a playful side will also bring the man out of his secure shell and make him more adventurous. In the end, having fun is just another way for him to express himself.

A woman who is honest. Honesty is the cornerstone of a relationship. Its presence can keep a couple together… just as sure as its absence will cause it to fail. Men love security too! They love women who give them that security. Want a man to feel loved? Be honest with him.

A woman who is mature. Women are always saying they want a mature man in their life. Men want the same experience with their partner also!


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