Before you take those oh so frightening steps toward her, try making eye contact with her first. You may have to move a few feet closer depending on how far away she is from you. Once you catch her eye, hold the glance as long as possible and flash the most charismatic smile. If she smiles back not only will your confidence levels soar, but you will know she wants you to proceed and come talk to her.

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2. Wait for the Friends to Leave

If she is surrounded by a group of girls, the chances of a successful approach goes right down the drain. Not only will she think you are rude for interrupting her time with her buddies, but you will not have the ability to be alone with her and have the conversation you would like. This may require some patience on your part; you do not know how long her friends are going to remain by her side. However, if you truly want to meet this girl you will keep a vigilant watch and approach when they finally dissipate.

3. Buy Her a Drink

If you see her standing alone, walk up confidently–not arrogantly–and ask her what she is drinking. You can then tell her you would be honored if she would allow you to buy her a drink. Do not have that cheesy, player tone in your voice, and under no circumstances do you use any pickup lines. Just be a normal human being, mature and sweet. She will appreciate this. Be honest with her and tell her you saw her from across the room and wanted to come meet her. This approach will get you much further as well.      4. Make Your Mind Up

The one thing that can ruin a perfectly good approach is indecisiveness. You are either going to approach her or you are not. You either want to talk to her or you do not. The worst thing you can do is announce it to your friends or try to talk yourself out of if it. Build up the courage to take those few steps over to her. The worst thing that can happen is rejection. And if you do not tell anyone what you are doing, then the only person who would know is you.

5. Do Not Be Perfect

Although women love confident men, they find it endearing when they see you are slightly nervous the closer you are to them. This being said, do not force yourself to be perfect. The harder you try the less perfect you will be. Showing you are a bit nervous allows this woman to see you are a real person.

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