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The world’s largest hamburger/fast food chain is showing why they’re a leader.

Soon you won’t have to wonder how many calories you’re eating when you order a Big Mac and fries.

McDonald’s around the nation will have a calorie counter next to each item on their drive-thru and restaurant menus starting Monday.

While the food chain already has calorie counts on their brochures, McDonald’s is using a more “in your face” method that customers can’t ignore.

Jan Fields,  president of McDonald’s USA, told Associated Press:

 “We are pleased to add to the ways we make nutrition information available to our customers and employees. We wanted to voluntarily do this. We believe it will help educate customers.”

This could be a bad business move for McDonald’s, considering the number of calories in their food could turn customers away. But at least customers will know a little bit more about what they’re eating and it may cause McDonald’s to start putting healthier items on their menu.

McDonald’s in New York, Philadelphia and California as well as overseas locations United Kingdom, South Korea and Australia have already started posting calorie counters. [Hopefully Indiana locations will do the same after being named one of the fattest states in the country].

Panera Bread posted calorie counts back in 2012, but McDonald’s is the biggest name to do so. Other fast food chains are expected to follow suit.