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1. Touch Him

It’s very simple but think about it. If he is touching other women on his own accord, he obviously likes to touch women. If you aren’t touching him or if you aren’t allowing him to touch you, don’t you think that that’s unfair on someone who likes to touch or be touched?

It’s the most primitive form of affection and some guys love it more than others. A simple touch, even if it isn’t skin on skin, shows that you care and shows that you want to maintain that bond between the two of you. Touch him more and he’ll want to touch other women less.

2. Meaningful Touch

Some women are comfortable touching in public. By this I mean holding hands, heads on shoulders, etc. However, when it comes to the household, there isn’t much going on. It’s basically just for show. In this case, it doesn’t matter how much touching goes on, it’s an empty touch, so to speak.

When you embrace, really get in close. Full length of body against full length of body. Look into his eyes. Be soft, deliberate. I know this sounds pretty cheesy, but so many couples find that touching becomes awkward after marriage, like it’s only something to do when you’re young and dating. Why should it be like this?

3. Subtle Touches

Subtle touches are like meaningful touches on steroids. They are that much more powerful. Subtle touches build up pressure and can literally turn a man who is usually stone cold into someone full of passion.

Every man has different points that send electricity through his body. Wrists, neck, knee… whatever they are, touch them subtly throughout the day. He will respond more and more and will have no temptation whatsoever to touch other women, since he has a woman who knows about these secret spots.

If this relationship advice for women makes sense to you, go out and try it ASAP. I don’t know how on spot my advice is, since I’m no relationship therapist or counsellor. It’s simply what I would like as a man.