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Constant Contact

Communicate every single day – and if you know you are going to miss a day, then let your lover know that you’ll be out of touch. If you can, get a smartphone that is equipped with internet access – this way you can use email, Skype, or the phone itself even when you are on the run. Anywhere you have a signal, you can stay in contact.

If your partner is deployed in the military, it could be many days or several weeks or even months before you get a chance to see him again – and sometimes there is an understandable lapse in communications due to the need for confidentiality and security.

One of the most important long distance relationship tips to be aware of is that your lover will feel much more connected to you if you send little items in the mail every now and again. Don’t just order something online and have it drop shipped, unless he needs it right away. Order it, open it, and personalize it. Then forward it to him.

Even if you only send a greeting card once a week, there is something very special about getting an object you can touch, smell, or taste (men love to get homemade cookies in the mail!) so be creative.

Trust Each Other

Trust is essential in every relationship, and even more important in those that span miles or continents. This is one of the most useful long distance relationship tips you can get – be trustworthy yourself, be open and honest, and believe that your partner is doing the same. While temptation is definitely out there, staying in touch can help keep your guy from straying.

Meet As Frequently As Possible

It goes without saying that whenever the two of you have an opportunity to get together you should take it. Other long distance relationship tips and rules can be bent – but this one must be adhered to! Make plans to meet regularly, and be sure to create as many memories as you can along the way.

Share A Goal

There will come a day when you no longer need long distance relationship tips – and the two of you must have a goal in mind for when that will be, how it will be accomplished, and what you will do to celebrate.

Loving someone from a distance can be difficult – but reunions are rewarding. So, keep the mail coming and make him feel special. You’ll be together soon.

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