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It is an important and major decision and it is totally your choice to make the effort. Sometimes it takes a breakup to realize what a mistake you have made.

The Strong and Confident Approach:

No one is attracted to weakness or the broken heart person.

Both genders like to see someone in control of themselves.

Most women like a man who can take care of himself.

Most men prefer a woman that knows what she wants and how to get it.

Intrigue them and be strong.

Be Independent.

A happy and cheerful woman is always more attractive.

A woman who shows strength even in light of a break up is ultimately more intriguing to her ex and to any new hot pursuits.

Men listen up. Even though women are strong and confident we like to be protected by our partner.

Men who appear weak and unstable are not winning any points. Mama’s boy might fit this category.

The Sophisticated Approach:

Drop the doormat routine.

Don’t nag to get attention/Guys that goes for you too.

Stop texting.

Stop calling.

Do not drink and dial/text.

Give each other space.

No stalking or keeping watch.

Begging your partner to come back! There is nothing more unsophisticated than that.

Have You Let Your Appearance Slide? Keep to the General Guidelines of Grooming

If you think it doesn’t count, think again.

Have pride in how you look.

Don’t take that healthy relationship for granted, big mistake.

Trim up shape up look good and feel good is always the best policy.

Think about how good you will feel when you get to the mattress dancing.

Remind that ex of what they are missing.

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