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Arrested for a domestic dispute for allegedly headbutting his wife on Saturday, released from jail Sunday, cut from Miami Dolphins, reality show ‘Ev & Ocho cancelled and Ev files for divorce, losing endorsements right and left: All within a week. Yikes….

Despite all of the drama and hooplah over this… situation, Chad wants his wife back and he has no shame in his game when it comes to showing it.

Now an unidentified source told all his business in an interview:

“He is desperate to win Evelyn back, so he feels he has at least one person on his team, but she is resolute that is NOT going to happen.

“Chad has been tearfully calling and texting Ev, pouring his heart out to her and telling how sorry he is and how he has never loved anyone before as he loves her. But, it’s just too little too late.”

Chad and Evelyn’s dispute after she found a condom receipt ended with Chad allegedly headbutting her, which left quite a mark on her forehead. Their wedding was also delayed due to cheating rumors and when the union did take place, there was an earthquake during the ceremony! Red flags anyone?

The source continues: 

“Evelyn will not tolerate being cheated on and being physically attacked and she has washed her hands of Chad for good. She was desperately in love with him and ignored a lot of warning signs along the way, but now that she has finally woken up, she will not be taking any steps back and will not go back to him.

“Despite Chad’s pleas for a second chance and his assurances that he will undergo counseling, Ev is sticking to her guns. It is over between her and Chad. For good. Period.”


It’ll be interesting to see how all of this unfolds.

(Source: Global Grind)