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It has been three days since Kristen Stewart was exposed for cheating on her “Twillight” live-in boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Already, the “Snow White & The Huntsmen” star has lost two movie roles and been labeled everything sinister from a downright “slut” to a “whore.”

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Pattinson played Stewart’s love interest in the Stephenie Myer film adaptation of her best-selling vampire series “Twillight.” His and her chemistry served as the blueprint to teenage fantasies and Pattinson became the biggest sex-symbol in the Caucasian world, since Brad Pitt.

Yet Kristen, better known as “Bella,” sought love elsewhere. She was caught kissing her former director Rupert Sanders and despite alleged claims that they have never engaged in sexual intercourse, Robert has moved out and millions of fans have offered to stone the young beauty.

We don’t condone cheating but why is that when men do it, it boosts their career and when women do it they are shunned from society?

The most notable and recent case of blatant cheating that comes to mind is from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s” Stevie J., who impregnated his side chick, carried around her pregnancy test, let his girlfriend be disrespected by her then left her to propose to that same female. Since then, Stevie J. has been touring the world and reinvigorated his music career.

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It seems that women are more forgiving than men. While women can endure countless acts of selfishness and heartache and still smile to tell the story, men apparently will leave you at the drop of a stiletto.

All the blame has been placed on Kristen. Let us not forget that Sanders, is married, he is just as guilty as she. But is his guilt overlooked because he is a man?

Is it fair for Kristen to be treated this way?

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