Relax and take things in your stride 

There is no need to get uptight and stressed because your relationship is spinning way out of control. You can relax and feel more confident about yourself. There are millions out there who are like you and have to learn how to interact better with the opposite sex. Start by being at peace with yourself and you will be ready to go on.


Be happy with yourself 

Learn to love yourself and become assured. If you are not then this insecurity and fear will automatically show in your behavior and attitude with others. Men will pick up on this and treat you accordingly. Show the world that you are okay and everything will fall into place.


Do something different 

Don’t be stereotype and do the same things all the women around you are doing. Dare to be different and do something that is not only typically you but makes you happy. Once you find your true ground then you will be lovable and building better relationships will be easier than you think!


Don’t be too picky 

Don’t be to picky and choosy when it comes to dating a guy. If you are too hard to please and too critical, then word will go around that you are finicky and hard to please. It may become too difficult to find a date if you are a snob and unapproachable. Make friends first and it will be easy to find someone.


Be appreciative 

Be appreciative and determined to enjoy yourself when out on a date. It will make your man feel good. Being critical of the place, food etc will only slight him and he may never ask you out again. Showing how much you like what he does for you and appreciating his efforts will guarantee you other dates.


Don’t be too giving on the first date 

It is important to be a little reserved on your first date. Don’t give in too much, don’t reveal too much! Let him want to know more about you. Retain an air of mystery and elusiveness so that he keeps asking you out. If you really like him then you should take care to treat him right and behave with dignity. You will steal his heart away.


Dress up 

Always make sure you are well groomed and look beautiful. All you have to do is dress in clothes that make you look stunning and chic. You will make his heart beat faster if you manage to catch the attention of others around. Prove that you are worth the chase.


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