Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson and guardian of his three children, is safe and with a family member in Arizona one day after a relative reported her missing.

Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed Sunday that they have spoken to Jackson and she is “safe with family members.”

Jermaine Jackson released a statement saying that his mother was with her daughter, Rebbie, in Arizona “resting up on doctor’s advice.”

“Furthermore, it dismays me that such an alarmist ‘missing person’ report has caused unnecessary anxiety among Michael’s children who will understandably react to what they misunderstand, hear or are told,” Jackson said in the statement.

Questions about Katherine Jackson’s whereabouts began after a family member reported her missing Saturday. Michael Jackson’s 14-year-old daughter, Paris, sent out an alarming tweet asking for help on locating her grandmother.

“Yes, my grandmother is missing. I haven’t spoken with her in a week I want her home now,” Paris Jackson tweeted Saturday.

Katherine Jackson, 82, reportedly left her home in Calabasas, Calif., July 15 to fly to Albuquerque to watch her four sons in concert. Paris tweeted that she wasn’t able to get in touch with her grandmother for a week.

Whatever is going on, the Jackson family drama has been building in recent weeks. Five of Michael Jackson’s siblings last week said his will was fake and the executors of his lucrative estate should step down. Jackson’s entire fortune was left to his mother and three kids.

Paris Jackson recently engaged into a Twitter war with her uncle, Randy Jackson, calling him a liar after he said his mother had a mini-stroke.

There are also divisions among family members on how the late King of Pop’s children should be raised. Paris broke the news to Ellen DeGeneres that she’d landed a role in the movie “Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys,” and was inspired by her father.

Janet Jackson told Prevention magazine in May  “Now is not the time. I told her I thought she should enjoy being a kid, possibly go to college – or not – but wait till she turns 18.”


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