• Enjoy the wet and warm benefits of summer. Water is very romantic and sexy. A hot summer romance often revolves around a beach, a lake, a swimming pool or some other water-inspired place. Take advantage of the warm weather to play in the water together. Besides, if you’re having a particularly hot summer romance, once in a while you’ll need to cool off.

  • Create memories all summer long and archive those memories. Take copious photos. Save mementos such as love letters, movie tickets, matchbooks or souvenirs from fun places you went. Throw them in a “summer love” memory box, such as a shoebox or jewelry box. You will cherish these memories later. If you don’t find you cherish the memories, you can always use the box for kindling at an end-of-summer bonfire.

  • If the summer romance must end, revel in its memories. Take out your “summer love” memory box and pour through its contents. Cry your heart out or let your memories fill you with crazy joy, as the mood strikes. If you’re feeling especially creative, make a scrapbook of your pictures and saved mementos. Oh, and of course, there is always the bonfire option.

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