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  1. Dream Vacation

    • Not every couple has the money to afford a luxurious vacation, but you can certainly talk about your dream vacation.  Ask him about the one place he would love to visit, and ask him what he’d want to do while he was there. Maybe he loves the beach and wants to visit the Cayman Islands to go snorkeling. Share your dream vacation with him as well. This lighthearted conversation topic will put you both in a good mood—after all, everyone loves fantasizing about a relaxing vacation. If you take your relationship to the next level, perhaps you can use these ideas when you plan your honeymoon.


    • Although talks about the future can occasionally lead to conflict, you can also look down the road in a positive light. If your date is in school, ask him what he wants to do with his degree. Let him brainstorm about his future career path, and you can express your support of his career. Consider more lighthearted topics about the future as well.

    • TALK ABOUT YOUTH – Everyone has funny stories from his or her childhood, so share some of those entertaining stories with your date.  Ask him about his most embarrassing moment from his childhood—what was embarrassing in elementary school will surely be funny now. Share with him any funny stories you have about your youth—maybe a family vacation went awry or your sister gave you an unforgettable haircut. You can learn about your boyfriend’s past and his relationship with his family during this conversation, and you’ll both enjoy reminiscing about the past.

      Have fun with good conversation and he will be calling for more dates.