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  • Religious beliefs are important even if you do not have real commitments at the time. Differences in religious beliefs can put a strain on a marriage, causing conflict. Partners should agree on one belief before children enter into the marriage.


  • Find out the potential of your mate’s finances. As a couple, truth and openness are important, so revealing all finances should not be a problem. What debts will each of you bring to the union? What can you afford as a couple? What are your credit scores? etc.  Answer these types of questions in advance of making any lifelong commitments.


  • Clean the skeletons out the closet before moving forward if you want to leave the past behind. It is best to reveal any hidden events to avoid the anxiety of “keeping secrets” from one another. Truthfulness produces trust.


  • It is important to know if your mate wants children and how many. People change their minds, but if they start out in a relationship not wanting children, don’t expect a change later. Determine how important the issue is to you and decide if you can live with or without children.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Do you know your mates likes and dislikes? Planning a meal should consider both parties. Find out how compatible you are with him. What activities does he like?

  • Talk about HEALTH.

  • Does your mate have little things  that disturb you? Find out now instead of trying to work it out later. Little things that seem minor can grow when the guard is down and a person feels comfortable in a relationship. If he appears resistant to meeting family, don’t expect the behavior to change; in fact, it can get worse. Are your temperaments compatible? Is anger an issue? If any problems are evident in the relationship that need addressing.