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  • Make plans with friends. Whether it’s for a day, a weekend or even a few hours, this will give your partner physical space and the chance to spend time alone. It’s also a good opportunity to connect with friends, which is important when you’re in a relationship. Another option is for your partner to go away for the weekend with her friends or family. It’s good for the relationship when one partner goes on a short trip without the other and then is happy to come home to the one they love.

  • Leave the room or go to another part of the house. If you want to give your partner space while still in the same house, do your best to stay out of sight. Headphones are helpful in this type of situation because you are able to watch or listen to the TV, computer or music without interfering with something else your partner is enjoying. You can enjoy activities separately within the same house, which will give your partner a feeling of space. Another idea is to go for a walk or to the park, giving your partner some solitude while enjoying it yourself.

  • Stay quiet. If your partner needs emotional space to deal with feelings that arise from situations such as an argument or a difficult work-related situation, leave him alone. Some people need emotional space so that they can process thoughts and feelings that develop as a result of various situations. Do not press your partner to talk or discuss it, but allow him to come forward when it’s comfortable for him. This can be just as important as physical space. Give your partner the chance to breathe and you will both benefit.

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