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You’re single, intelligent, attractive, available and basically the ultimate package. What man wouldn’t want to date you?

However, men aren’t approaching you and you can’t figure out. Check out these tips to see if you’re actually making yourself unapproachable in his eyes.

  1. You have your friends around. Men don’t like to be rejected. When he sees you with a group of your girlfriends, he’s not going to approach you. If you’re interested in someone it’s important for you to give him a chance to approach you while you’re alone.
  2. You’re flirting too much. Men aren’t attracted to the woman who has to the center of attention. Typically, this is the woman who is loud, showing all of her goodies and grinding on the dance floor with any guy who so dares to approach her. If you’re doing this, the most he’s going to like you is for a night. Be yourself and natural. Ask yourself, “Would he want to take me home to meet his mom.”
  3. You’re body language says don’t approach me. Simply put, you look bored or unhappy with a stamp on your foreheading saying, “Stay Away!” Who wants to be with the girl who can’t loosen up and have some fun? One answer – no one. Put a smile on your face and make the most of your time wherever you’re at.

If you’re not making yourself unapproachable, then he may be too shy or intimidated to make the first move. So if you’re interested, there’s nothing wrong with approaching him. Go after what you want.



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