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Supermoms juggle the responsibilities of work, kids and husbands without batting an eye. Somehow, they still have time to host dinner parties, bake cupcakes from scratch and volunteer for charity events. Here, supermoms reveal their secrets.
Get enough sleep.Though you might think you should use nap time to get things done around the house, you shouldn’t if you are always tired. Use the kids’ nap time to catch some zzzs yourself or at least take a bubble bath and relax. A well-rested mom is a more productive (and happy) mom.Don’t be afraid to ask for help.“The worst thing you can do is try to be everything to everyone,” says Tracey Gotchin, attorney and mother of five. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it — whether that means asking your husband to do the grocery shopping or hiring someone to clean your house a couple times a month.”

Moms can burn out if they stretch themselves too thin. Admitting that you need a little assistance every once in a while isn’t weak. Don’t sweat the small stuff, either. Being a perfectionist is OK, but so is leaving the vacuuming until the weekend or sending your kid to school in the same jeans that he wore yesterday.

Stay organized.

“Every family should have a calendar that includes all the essential commitments — school events, doctor’s appointments, sports practice, etc.” says Stephanie, supermom of four teenagers. “We have a gigantic wall calendar, but do whatever works for you — Google calendar online or a dry-erase board in your dining room.”

Stephanie and other supermoms stress the importance of not overscheduling your children. “Limit your kids on sports, lessons and other extracurricular activities. They shouldn’t join everything,” says Stephanie. “When kids (and parents) get overscheduled, they end up stressed out and hating just about everything. Know your family’s limits.”

Go on dates with your husband.

A supermom should never lose her connection with her husband or significant other. Plan date night once a month so you can enjoy some adult time with your spouse, free of interruptions, diapers and Sponge Bob. Put your date on your calendar and stick to it. You owe it to your husband and your relationship.


“If I could tell moms anything, it would be: Relax! Give your kids enough freedom to learn who they are and enough boundaries to keep them from making the types of mistakes that will shackle them permanently,” says freelance writer, author, personal chef and mother of eight, Marye Audet. “Be their biggest fan; they will get enough criticism from others. Above all, love them extravagantly and audibly.”

Marye’s message is loud and clear regarding flexibility and freedom. Though structure is important, it’s essential that your child’s life isn’t too structured. You must allow a little wiggle room to let your kids (and yourself) relax a little bit and explore different experiences.

Source: SheKnows