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 If he promised to call but didn’t, don’t confront him and ask why he did not call. You will be basically accusing him of not caring for you, and it is more likely that you will make him turn defensive.

When you go out on a date, do not press him to tell you when you should expect to see him again. If he is really interested, he will get in touch. On the other hand, if he has no interest, then you should not keep your life on hold for him.

In case he does not keep his promise to see you, you should not ask him where he had been. The hidden question is really whether he was out with another girl, which will just show your fear and insecurity.

In case he did go out with another woman, you will simply put both of you in an uncomfortable position when you ask him if he slept with her. Even if he did, he is not doing it now.

Whether you have just started going out with a guy or you have dated for some time, do not press him with the question as to where your relationship is going. If the relationship is promising, you will simply know this from his actions.

If you have something you would like to discuss with him, bring it up casually at an appropriate time. When you tell him that you would like to have a talk, he will automatically become defensive as he does not expect the conversation to be enjoyable. You just need to choose your time well.

As much as he has hurt you, going around stating how you hate him won’t solve the issue. In fact, when you maintain your cool even during a breakup, you will win his admiration. Throwing temper tantrums will only push him further away from you.

In case you suspect that he has been up to no good, telling him that you don’t trust him won’t make him change. Instead, he will just get more careful, and you won’t be able to get the much needed evidence.