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It is not an easy task to discover whether a man is really serious about seeing a woman. It is also not safe to set one’s mind that men are only into women because of sex. When a woman is alarmed with how she is bombarded with doubts of a man’s intention, she should ponder on these points:

He doesn’t call often.

When a man doesn’t call often after having sex, it only shows that he’s only up for sex. This kind of relationship doesn’t last long. Relationships are built on emotional investments and not just through the union of two bodies.

He inserts sexual topics in any conversation.

When having a conversation about life, he will always bring up sex.

He calls to ask for a meet-up during odd hours of the night.

Some say when somebody calls up then asks for a meet-up at an odd hour of the night, especially when that call comes from the opposite sex, it is considered a booty call. Men who often do this kind of activity are only into no-strings-attached unions and most likely will not be serious in any relationship.

He frequently discusses sexy girls he sees in television or magazines.

He thinks that sex can be enjoyed only during the dating phase.

A man should respect the decision of a woman especially with sensitive topics like sex. A man who loves a woman can wait no matter how he’d like to see himself having sex with a woman he truly desires.

He retells stories about the girls he slept with.

One thing that’s for sure, history repeats itself. Men who get pleasure with telling stories about the women they slept with are not considering sex an intimate union between a man and a woman. They only see sex as a recreational activity and would most likely settle for casual sex.

He doesn’t want to know anything about your life , family, etc.

He checks out your friends.

A man thats serious will look you in the eyes and talk about anything and will understand if you’re not feeling good and not in the mood to make love.