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Kenisha Thomas, 29, was arrested for repeatedly stabbing her 8-month old daughter, Pretty Diamond in a Baltimore City Department of Social Services office.

A true life story that mimics the movie Beloved has stunned East Baltimore.  A mentally mangled mother did the unthinkable when she decided that she would take her child’s life.  What leads a person to this level of insanity?  This young mother will have plenty of time to figure that out.

Baltimore city police rushed into a horrific scene at a Baltimore City Department of Social Services office as a social worker was horrified by her client repeatedly stabbing her eight-month-old daughter, Pretty Diamond, according to Baltimore’s local CBS affiliate WJZ.  The child’s mother, 29-year-old Kenisha Thomas was somehow disturbed during her supervised visit with her daughter.

Witnesses could hear Thomas saying:

“I’m going to kill her.”

The social worker told Thomas that the visit would soon be over and she gave the blood curdling response:

“It is about to be over.”

According to the social worker, she then pulled a long kitchen knife from her bag and began to repeatedly stab the child.  The social worker ran out of the room screaming and a male social worker ran in and began throwing chairs at Thomas until he could wrestle her to the ground.

Miraculously, the baby survived the attack and is recovering at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, said the child suffered stab wounds to her face and neck.  When paramedics arrived at the scene the knife was still stuck in the child’s neck.  Jesus!

I have to call him because only he can know the heart of what seems to be such a depraved human being. Thank God the baby survived, but what will people tell her one day when she asks about her wounds?  The second issue is the lack of security at these facilities.  Remember the New York couple who kidnapped their eight children from a facility in New York?  They were on the lam for months before being caught.  Check out the report here.