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It can be difficult to get the attention of a man that you would like to date. But all is not lost if you are open to learning things you can say that will dramatically change the response you get from men. Try This.

You look like you are in charge around here. Can you please help me find (insert whatever you want here)? You can say this to a man you want to meet in a working environment. You know men and their egos. Just coming up to him and saying this will massage his ego.

 You look like you should be in the magazines. Not just any magazine, my personal magazine — Use this one when you see someone that you want to complement in a creative and interesting way.

 I thought all the nice guys are taken. Do you have a girlfriend? — This could be something that you can say when a guy goes out of his way to open doors or carry your luggage for you. Or if you are chatting away at some social gathering and you like all the things he is saying, you can through this one into your conversation.

When you get a chance could you please show me how to get my Abs as flat as yours? — Reserve this one for guys that are nicely built. This could be a way for you to get a gym partner.

 Do you mind if I share this table with you. Hopefully your girlfriend is not going to get mad when she comes back — This is a line you can use at a cafe.

 I love your eyes. You must get a lot of women by just looking at them with those sexy eyes — This line quickly gives a guy with nice sexy eyes a complement while opening the door for a pleasant conversation that could lead to something wonderful.

 You look good. But I bet you can’t dance — Rather than ask a guy to dance, and possibly get rejected, you can complement him and challenge him to a dance. Men love challenges and most of them will take you up on your dance challenge.

 Would you like to hang out some time? I hope you don’t mind a nice girl asking you out, and don’t even get a big head — Men are not used to getting asked out. It is refreshing when a lady initiates the first date.

 I saw you looking at me, and I was wondering why you were looking at me the way you were. Is there something you want to tell me? — Use this line when you want to get something started. If you have noticed that a guy just cannot take his eyes off you, you can get things started quickly with one of these lines. And it could also be a way for you to help a shy guy come out of his shell.