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Seriously? All you want to do is pick up some painkillers for that splintering headache and it’s impossible to reach the medicine aisle without passing by Valentine cards and candy hearts, all in blinding shades of hot pink. Well, it’s clear that it’s that time of the year again. Why do half of January and half of February have to be defined by roses and chocolate?

Here at HelloBeautiful, we’re determined to make this Valentine’s Day season enjoyable for everyone, even those of us who are ‘ridin’ solo’. It’s really easy to feel lonely and desperate around this time of the year, so why not put that energy towards strengthening the relationships that mean the most to you? Not all Valentine’s day themes need to be about everlasting love and finding your one and only- spruce things up with a few ‘just because I care’ tokens.

Cards– It may seem a little “4th grade”, but go all out with Valentine cards this year. There are really cute friendship and family cards- and it’s never the wrong time to spread a little love around to those who you care about. Feeling adventurous? Design some of your own cards. Whip out your arts and crafts box and make personalized cards for those who make you smile during this time of the year.

Bake- There’s no better time than now to practice your baking skills while also gaining a leg up in some of your relationships. Try out a new cookie recipe and throw in some heart shapes and red food coloring to stick with the season. It’s fun to do and it makes for a good ‘just because’ present.

Plan Your V-day Night: No matter how you might feel, we promise that you are not the only single lady out there. Gather up your single girls (and guys!) and plan a pot-luck. Get everyone involved by having a fun night with the people that you love.

So what do you say? Save the bottle of red wine, tissues, and sad love songs for a night that’s not meant to be about expressing your happiness about your relationships. At HelloBeautiful we are interpreting Valentine’s Day as a time to remind your important people just how much you care about them. Keep yourself busy by thinking of ways to strengthen your friendships!

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