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Dating in a Facebook world? “It’s complicated!”  And can put serious strain on a new relationship-or end it all together.

1. Do flirt casually on Twitter to engage in a conversation and let the object of your affection know you’re interested in getting to know them.

2. Don’t keep the conversation in the public stream. Send a direct message if you’re following each other and take the conversation offline if you’d like to move the relationship forward.

3. Do check to see if your date has a Facebook profile and if you have mutual friends in common.

4. Don’t send a Facebook friends request until you’re both on the same digital page.

5. Don’t do a Google search to see if your date is really who he says he is. Everyone has a past – find out who they

are now.

6. Don’t let your date know that you checked him out on Facebook  may appear like you’re a stalker.

7. Don’t  share on Facebook or Twitter if you’re excited about an upcoming date.

8. Don’t say who your date is or where you’re going on your social networks.

9. Do send a text message to say thank you after a date that has gone well.

10. Don’t only ask someone out on a date via text message. It’s still a good idea to pick up the phone.

11. Don’t change your Facebook status to “In a Relationship” without discussing it with the person you’re dating.

12. If you both agree that it’s time to change your status to “In a Relationship,” do it together on a special date night and celebrate your new digital love stage together.