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By Tony Lamont

I’m writing this post with a heavy heart, because we’ve lost another young brother that had a bright future. I know by now you’ve heard the news about the drum major from ‘FAMU’ (Florida A&M University) Robert Champion that died from an alleged hazing incident. Champion, who was 26, was found unresponsive on the bands bus outside a hotel in Orlando Florida.

The university recently dismissed 4 students for their connection with the Robert Champion incident. The dismissal was stated in a memo from University President James Ammons. The question that many people are asking is ‘who will be held responsible’? Will it be the University, the 4 students, the band leader and his staff, or all of the above.

The one thing I do know is that there were policies put in place, suspensions had already been levied against band members for hazing, and the now fired band director was taking steps to change the culture of hazing within the organization by making each band member sign a contract stating that they would not participate in hazing activities. Who’s to blame? I’m sure this debate will find some answers, the question is will they be the right ones. We’ll see.

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