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By Tony Lamont

Well it looks like the Indiana Pacers and the rest of the NBA teams and players won’t be playing at all this season. The Players association turned down the offer from the owners yesterday, and commissioner Stern had stated that if the two parties didn’t come to some kind-of resolution by yesterday, then the entire season may be lost.

The owners where offering the players 50-50 in revenue sharing, but the players said no to the deal, and are now looking at dissolving their union, and suing the owners. The bad thing about this, is that so many people will suffer if there is now season. The Indiana Pacers bring in 55 million dollars of business, and now with that revenue being lost, many places of business that rely on the Pacers will suffer. And the saddest part is that many people may lose their jobs because of the lock-out.

I’m all for the players getting their fare share, and the owners having the right to have a profitable franchise, but what about those men and women who are just trying to survive while the millionaires and the billionaires work things out. Maybe the two parties should take a look at all the people that they are effecting, because if they don’t, many others may learn the true meaning of ‘Lock-out.’

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