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On this episode of “Basketball Wives LA”, the girls are all gearing up for their big trip to Hawaii which means a little fun, sun, relaxation and of course drama. But first, Imani secretly decides that it’s time for Laura’s stuff to go from her apartment and she hires a moving company to get her things out of there! I guess she figured she wasn’t about the continue to help someone who was “secretly backstabbing her”, and decided the best way to remove herself from the situation was by removing Laura’s belongings from her house without notifying her first (because that won’t upset the situation anymore!! *sarcasm*)

The ladies finally arrive in Hawaii and as soon as they touch down, it’s instant drama! The girls start playfully imitating each other by calling out the phrases that each other says the most. It’s all fun and games until of  course, Jackie takes offense by Gloria’s joke when she says that Jackie always says “f**** that”. Jackie responds by saying, “I’m really embarrassed, seriously. I’m not finding this funny. That’s f—ing gross. f*** that!” Which is actually pretty funny! (I’m just glad that the anger is finally shifted from Draya to someone else in the group. It’s about time!)

The girls then head to a luau and Jackie is upset at the fact that Laura, Gloria and Malaysia are sitting next to each other and definitely let’s her anger show by pointing and whispering at the girls during dinner. Kind of reminds me of lunch time in 8th grade or something. “You’re like 59 1/2, what are you doing? Get the f*** outta here,” Laura says which couldn’t be a more fitting comment for this situation.

After Jackie completely spazzes, cries and throws a tantrum over eating pork at the luau, the girls get ready to head for a surfing lesson. Laura and Imani decide to break away from the group and try to hash things out on their own, and they each realize that they’ve been played by Jackie and that everything Jackie has been feeding them is untrue. Now, all the anger that Imani once had toward Laura is focused on Jackie. “She wants us all to hate everybody else and love her,” Imani says when later talking to Laura and Malaysia about Jackie. Ya think? Glad you finally see what we all see!

Can’t wait to see the situation unfold on next week’s episode! What did you think about this episode?

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