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Things That Turn Men Off In Relationships

Constant nagging: Asking him to do something is one thing, but constantly picking on him, nagging him, or criticizing his efforts is something that men hate. In fact, most men in long term relationships say that constant nagging from their partners is what turns them off the most. So, instead of getting frustrated and saying things like, “You never bother to do…” try and ask him nicely, “Honey, can you please do…”

Saying no to sex: No, we’re not saying you have to jump into bed with your man whenever he expects you to just to keep him happy, but using sex as a weapon is not fair either. Men get completely turned off when their women try to punish them, by withholding sex.

Controlling behavior: Men hate it when they can’t do things without asking their wives or girlfriends first. Trying to control his expenses, limiting the amount of time he spends with his friends, etc. are things that men absolutely hate. Yes, if he is really neglecting you or not spending quality time with you then it’s a problem, but expecting him to never make a plan without consulting you first is not right. Take away his independence and he may just take off.