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Taraji P. Henson covers the latest issue of YRB magazine where, inside, she talks about the struggles Black actors face, her relationship with Tyrese and why she’s happy to have not won an Oscar yet.

On her Oscar-nominated role as a foster mother to Brad Pitt in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button:

I really am glad that I didn’t win the Oscar that year. [African-American actors] have already won awards for playing those types of characters. I’m ready for us to win by [acting in] a comedy or a love story or just something different than the norm.

On Tyrese and their rumored relationship:

He’s like my brother, for real. That would just seem really weird for the two of us to suddenly get together.

On Baby Boy:

Baby Boy wasn’t just a black movie. Everyone can relate to a baby boy to some degree. He is not a color; he’s a person. I remember when John Singleton (the film’s director) sat both myself and Tyrese down in the beginning of filming and told us that he wanted to make a film that people would want to watch 17 times, and judging by how much it has been in rotation, I think John’s mission is accomplished.”

On her new show “Person Of Interest”:

I really don’t like doing television because I get bored, but when you get a call from a writer of the caliber of Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight), you kinda can’t say no to that. They really thought outside of the box when they considered me. Jonathan knew of my work and really wanted to work on a project with me. This is a three-person lead television show, and normally people don’t even think of an African-American in that context, but he thought of me right away, and so I decided to carpe diem and seize the moment.

On her style icons:

I have always thought Lena Horne, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe had amazing style. The things they wore were timeless, and could transcend time.

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