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Do try to romance him in a unique way.

The first thing you must do when you feel the relationship has gone cold is to attempt to bring back the heat in it. Surprise him with a dinner.  After dinner tell him you’ve prepared a special dessert, and it’s a surprise, so he has to sit down blindfolded, and wait. Then change into your hottest lingerie, and grab your dessert, and start feeding him, letting his hands roam your almost naked body.

Don’t confront him about where the relationship is going.

No confrontation. It simply scares a man away, because he won’t know what to tell you and will only be pressured to give you all kinds of reasons to satisfy your demands. Understand that a man who’s lost interest may also be confused, so asking him for a straight up answer won’t exactly give you what you need, and may only escalate into a major fight.

Do get genuinely interested in his interests.

Make him feel that you’re not exactly doing it to please him, but you are genuinely interested in taking up a new sport or hobby. In this sense, you are involving yourself in his life without pressuring him.

Don’t get overly emotional and turn on the drama.

Crying, nagging and screaming are enough to turn a man off. Show him you are mature and can handle a relationship that’s growing cold. Act normal as possible – when he is ready to talk to you about it, he will.

Do give him the time and space he needs.

So when he’s finally out with his issues, let him have the space and time he needs, and do so with grace. He will be perplexed about how you handled the painful situation. But because of this, he will respect you more, and his interest will be regained.