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Start by working on your self-esteem. The underlying key to all flirtation is confidence, the magical charm that makes others want to get to know you.

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    Smile, smile, smile.

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    Think playful thoughts when gearing up to flirt. Flirts are fun and engaging, and they love to play with others.

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    Compliment a stranger or acquaintance on his or her clothes, eyes, smile or sense of humor for starters.

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    Keep your body language open and inviting: make eye contact, lightly touch the person’s hand or arm when telling a story, toss your head back when you laugh.

  • 6

    Initiate stimulating conversation. At a loss for words? Ask open-ended questions about the flirtee’s job, hometown, family, recent movies seen, or thoughts about a painting on the wall.

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    Open up about yourself, giving someone even more reason to like you. But don’t go on and on – the goal is to engage and intrigue, not bore.

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    Gauge the person’s interest carefully.

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  • Progress in your flirtation, paying attention to cues from the object of your interest. If you perceive a sensual or sexual connection, make a bold move – ask for a date.