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1. Don’t Split the Check On A First Date

When a man asks you out, he’s assuming he’ll pick up the tab. He’s NOT making the assumption that you are required to sleep with him because of it. He also won’t be thinking your needy, a gold digger or can’t look after yourself.

2. Avoid Having Sex Too Soon

Allow your Inner Guidance to tell you when to take it further with a man rather than feeling obligated or as a way to “seal” a relationship. Sex can wreak havoc on a woman’s mind if it happens too soon and can create unfair expectations. Allow intimacy and connection to develop slowly.

3. Do the Inner Work

If you know you’re still feeling hurt, resentful or angry about past relationships, seek out professionals who can help you heal. Missing this step creates an energy “mismatch” and will make it difficult to experience success with “external” actions like setting up online profiles and singles events.

4. Invest In Your Appearance

Of course it’s important for a man to love you for who you are, but please remember men are also visual creatures. Stay committed to a regular exercise routine, make regular trips to the hairdresser and, if necessary, whiten your teeth – it takes 5 years off your looks!

5. Know Your Boundaries and Stick To Them

Never do anything that doesn’t feel 100% right for you. Women have a tendency to be the Master Adapters and too easily adjust their life around a man’s world. Keep the give and take balanced and avoid the temptation to drop everything in your life to suit a man’s schedule.