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Be happy with who you are. Don’t define your self worth by whether you have a partner. Think of what you contribute to this world as an individual.

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    Get out of your house and have fun Don’t feel sorry for yourself. You can still do your favorite activities solo.

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    Fill the free time you would normally spend with a partner by volunteering for anything you may have some interest in. You will make a big contribution by helping these charities fulfill their goals.

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    Make friends with other single people. It can be hard to be single and happy if all your friends are married. It may make you feel like you’re a third wheel hanging out with couples, so get out there and join all those other independent singles having fun doing other activities.

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    Have a positive outlook on life. Things work out the way they’re meant to. If you are destined to have a husband or wife it will happen. Don’t develop cynicism towards marriage or relationships. Be single, be happy, be strong and enjoy the time you have to discover who you really are.




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