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Jennifer Williams has had quite a bit of attention lately since the airing of the infamous drink doss.

If you have been living under a rock these past few weeks, on the finale episode of “Basketball Wives” Jen’s ex-hubby Eric tossed a drink in her face with no remorse.

Since the incident, she’s been talking about how she feels and what she learned, if anything at all. In an interview with Essence, Jennifer shared that she’s a bit worried about Eric’s behavior.

“We filmed that a while ago so I’m somewhat over it. But never in a million years thought it would come down to this. We’ve been together so long that I feel like we should have a mutual respect for one another.”

Eric justified his actions and told the world that he was casting a demon out of his ex-wife.

“Between his actions and what he’s been saying on twitter, I don’t really know who he is right now. He’s just a different person from the one I know. I feel like he’s falling off the deep end, and I’m like, you can’t be that bitter about what’s going on. The stuff he’s been saying has been outlandish and I’m just wondering when the real Eric is going to come back.”

In the meantime, she’s not waiting for the man she fell in love with to reemerge. She’s moving on and is beginning to date again.