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It’s summer time, and we all know what that means- shorts, dresses, skirts, and open toe shoes. The problem is, ladies, everything ain’t for everybody. I don’t care what size you are, there is something for you. Be a “fashionista” instead of a fashion failure!  Here are a few fashion no-no’s:

1. If your toes are longer than the shoe, that ain’t the shoe for you!

2. If your pants are so tight that the butt cheeks are clearly defined & separated, I’m sorry, that’s not a good thing. Time for an upgrade honey.

3. Ladies I can’t begin to stress the importance of a good, proper fitting bra and shirt to accentuate your body. I don’t want to see any “muffin tops” or “saggy suzies” this summer, thanks!

4. That reminds me, even if you don’t have anything up top, please don’t think skipping out on wearing a bra is acceptable. It’s not.

5. If your dress is too short, or ill fitting, and you find yourself constantly adjusting it, it’s time to let it go boo boo.

6. Just because they are called shorts doesn’t mean they have to be short as heck! The shorts should cover your butt cheeks loves! No peek-a-boo action!

7. Camel toe. Enough said.

When in doubt, remember this one rule, and you’ll be fine: IF IT DOESN’T FIT, YOU MUST QUIT!

Until next time! Keep it fashionable!


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