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According to an extensive study conducted by Pew Research, women are most scathed by the rising unemployment.

Within the pass two years men, who were once considered most effected by unemployment, have gained 768,000 jobs, while women have lost 218, 000.

The Huffington Post Reports:

In 15 out of 16 economic sectors, men have done better than women in the recovery. Since June 2009, there have been five sectors — including finance, manufacturing, and the federal government — where men gained jobs and women lost them. In five others — among them education and health services, and leisure and hospitality — men gained jobs at a faster rate than women. And in another five sectors, including construction, information, and local government, women lost jobs at a faster rate than men.

The Pew study revealed that in five periods of recovery since 1970, women either gained more jobs than men or loss fewer jobs, making this turn of events an ironic revelation. However, the overall unemployment rate for men is still higher than women with 9.5 percent and 8.5 percent respectfully, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.



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