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Every relationship has several phases. Of them all, the hardest to deal with is dissapointment. However, one must realize that the let-down after the highs of courtship is to be expected. Realizing this can help.



Recognize the disappointment. Be honest about your feelings. If you feel saddened at a certain lacking in your marriage, recognize it and admit it to yourself. When we try to cover up hard emotions they only grow and fester.

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    Understand it and where it comes from. Understand that the disappointment comes from the day-to-day application of your relationship. It is born from moving the fantasy into reality.

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    Stay positive in reactions and expectations. Once you see where the disappointment comes from, be positive in how you react to it and what you now expect. It’s too easy to turn your reactions into anger, resentment and frustation. It’s also easy to become fearful of the future. Be positive in addressing your reactions and have a brighter outlook for tomorrow.

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    Stay hopeful. Keep your mind open and acknowledge that this phase is not permanent. This is the best way to combat the feeling of disappointment. Focus on the good things that have occurred in your marriage instead of the events that have distressed you.

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    Communicate. Talk to your spouse about how you feel and you’ll be surprised that he probably feels the same way. Having an open dialogue can help you both address each others feelings, move past any resentments and aim for the next and brighter phase of your marriage.

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