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Manhole Explosion In New York

Manhole Explosion In New York City. Police tape off street as smoke billows from uncovered manhole. (Samuel Aleshinloye, NewsOne)

NEW YORK– Two loud explosions on E 53rd Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan caused by manholes exploding out the pavement caused a stir and confusion for nearby businesses. Police and fire crews are now investigating the cause.

NewsOne.com who is based only feet from the explosion, could hear and feel a the explosion from our offices.

Stanley Campbell, 51, a nearby security guard who evacuated his building told us he heard one explosion that rattled the building, followed by another a few seconds later.

“The whole building shook, and I told everybody to clear out.  When I got outside two manholes exploded one after another.”

Footage of street where manhole caps exploded off (Under cars on right side of street):


Witness speaks about the explosion (VIDEO):



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