Men are territorial by design

Men are mentally built like guard-dogs and mark out their mental and physical territories as soon as they enter into a relationship.

Any move to encroach upon that physical or mental space will be met by swift rebuttal in the form of avoidance, fights or simply a run in the opposite direction.

Men want to enjoy some time-off with their old buddies

Although your man might be very happy in the relationship, his manly genes will also make him miss those happy times with his old buddies.

You should remember to let him spend some time with his buddies so that he can unwind.

Men hate nagging

Men hate nagging, period. Your man will start to cringe at first if you keep on reminding him about an incomplete chore, but if you continue nagging him then he will retaliate with harsh words or actions.

Your man will feel that nagging is an invasion of his personal space and will react adversely the minute you start repeating yourself.

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