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Now, what I can tell you about what you just saw is that this is a random dude from South Central that Suge is trying to knock out named Tobias Bell aka “T.B”. This whole situation started because TB walked up on Suge and asked him “Did You Kill Tupac?” Well they said Suge was like FLUCK THAT! and started swinging on my man..Now, as we see no punches landed but apparently TB wants Suge to “Shoot Him A Fair One” and he trying to get it popping with Suge ASAP!

2 things I was tripping on during the video

1. One they fighting when Fiesta was playing

2. My man that asked about his drink..lol

Well we all know Suge has hit the pavement and it seems his Goon Days are numbered…But really…Would dude have pulled this in the 90’s??? Let me know something

Everybody Wants To Fight Suge Cause He’s Getting Old Now!Market Research

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